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House Plan Resource 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why purchase a pdf or CADD file?

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What Codes do your plans meet?

House Plan Resource provides a quality collection complete with construction documents meeting the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) for every home plan shown. Construction drawings are thorough, precise and easy to read.


Ownership of these designs is solely the property of Jannis Vann, Residence Designer. When you purchase a set of prints or reproducible in the form of a vellum, pdf or cadd file you are purchasing a license to build. This license gives the purchaser the right to construct one house from these working drawings. To build the house more than once, modify or copy without express written permission violates this copyright. Strict penalties exist for copyright violations. Please read the additional information provided in you are unfamiliar with these copyright laws.

Cost Estimating

The cost of a plan can vary greatly depending on the style of home you build. Example; a two story house on a basement with the garage in that basement space is going to be more economical to build than a ranch style plan on a basement with an attached garage. The two story plan has less roof and foundation than the ranch even though their heated living square footage's may be identical. The cost per square foot to build could vary dramatically.

Volume space is the two story or vaulted areas of the plan. Space that is heated but not actual floor space, example; a two story foyer or two story family room must be calculated into the cost of construction. Although this is not floor space, there is cost involved in constructing it. Keep this in mind when a builder or Realtor gives you an easy cost per square foot formula. This does not always apply to every design.

Please check with contractors in your area for a better idea of a per square foot price before making any assumptions.

How is Square Footage calculated?

The listed square footage of house plans on this site are calculated on the heated floor space of the house. This space is measured from the exterior of the frame walls to the exterior walls of any unconditioned spaces. Volume space is not included but should be considered from a cost-estimating standpoint.

Unconditioned spaces are calculated separately and are listed. Knowing these sizes of these areas will help builders more accurately estimate the cost of construction of areas priced at a different per square foot prices than the heated floor space.


Sometimes your house plan choice needs help to transform it into the dream home that will make it uniquely yours.

House Plan Resource offers referrals for modification services. Jannis Vann's own company, J. Vann, Residence Designer and other third party design companies will be referred for this service. All House Plan Resource plans drawn since 1994 are on computer and can easily be modified. Please check with us or look at the copyright date when considering modifications to determine whether or not your selection is computer drawn. If the plan has not yet been transferred to computer. J. Vann, Residence Designer will provide this service for a reasonable charge. Allow additional time when planning for this service. It is needed to make the transfer before modifications can be made. Once the plan is on the computer, prices are quoted based on the specific changes you require. Please e-mail or call House Plan Resource/J. Vann, Residence Designer to discuss a quote.

Custom Design

Sometimes the only way to find the perfect plan is to design it from scratch. Although there are thousands of pre-drawn plans available, they may not have all the features you want in the square footage range or style that suites you or your lot conditions. Custom designing is always an option. House Plan Resource works through J. Vann, Residence Designer to create that perfect home. Your design concept will be analyzed at the time of the initial consultation before quoting you a price estimate.


Many times builders or Realtors like to use artwork in their marketing and advertising. House Plan Resource allows for the purchase of any of the electronic art on our site at a high resolution for this purpose. Artwork is reasonably priced and is available to you with the consideration that our copyright remains on any reproduction.


To ensure Canadian customers receive a "permit ready" set of plans we offer a code upgrade service. For only a 25% increase in the cost of a reproducible set of plans, your house plan selection will be reviewed, modified and guaranteed to meet all Canadian codes for your area.

This service could easily cost twice as much as our fees if done after your purchase using a local designer/architect. Please contact us to find out more about this option.

What our plans include

All plans include:
  • Foundation plan
  • Floor plans with plumbing and electrical layouts
  • 1/4" Elevations (all sides)
  • Cabinet details and interior elevations (when necessary)
  • Roof Plan
  • Typical Wall Section and two standard detail sheets
  • General Notes Page containing reference to the latest 2009 IRC building code to supplement plans drawn prior to these latest changes.
  • Other details shown as required by complexity of plans
  • Most plans include full framing plans. If they are not included the information appears on floor plans. You may wish to verify this before ordering.


No refunds or exchanges are permitted. Plans are printed when the order is received so please verify your plan number before ordering.

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